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Your reliable carrier and freight forwarder.

We provide transportation services for clients from over 17 countries. A wide network of partners allows us to carry out international transportation of goods from Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as other CIS countries, Europe and the Middle East.

Fast Service

We provide high-quality and fast service in the shortest possible time.

Safe Delivery

When delivering goods, we are guided by the principles of safe transportation throughout the entire journey until delivery to the final destination.

In touch 24/7

Our team of highly qualified professionals will provide the necessary advice at any time of the day.

Road Freight

Air Freight

Sea Freight

Rail freight

Transportation by road is a classic way of transporting goods, which to this day remains a universal option. When transporting by road, we take into account your needs and guarantee continuous tracking of the location of your cargo.

Transportation by road does not take much time, since it can be easily adapted to the requirements of a specific route and cargo.Nesiliň Miras Ýoly will carry out the transportation of oversized cargo of any kind, saving time and money.

Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles and a reliable network of partners, we can offer you efficient services with the most optimal prices.

Air transport offers faster service to our customers. Given that urgency is a key factor in the delivery of many cargoes, we have an extensive network of partners around the world who help us increase the speed of our services every day.

Nesiliň Miras Ýoly is always looking for the optimal logistics solution to deliver your cargo to the desired destination. We provide the greatest possible savings in time and money.

Sea transport is the best option for transporting large volumes of cargo at competitive prices. 90% of all cargo in the world is transported by sea. Nesiliň Miras Ýoly provides container and bulk shipping services.

Regardless of the type and volume of cargo, we will select the most optimal solution for you.
We work with many shipping companies. Our extensive experience in this sector allows us to offer the best comprehensive service for international cargo handling and transportation.

Freight transportation by rail is distinguished by reliability and predictable delivery time at the best prices.

Nesiliň Miras Ýoly always offers optimized logistics solutions and rail is an excellent option for many types of cargo, especially when they are linked to other modes of transport as part of multimodal logistics services.

Why choose us

Our differences

  • We are passionate about our customers
  • We are energetic and impatient
  • We are focused on results
  • We are successful
Why customers love us

We are passionate about our customers

We work with full dedication, demanding from ourselves an excellent result in everything. We put all our efforts into the development of our employees. Our key to success is effective management and close-knit teamwork. The goal of our company is to help talented professionals develop and find their own path, which will also make our company better.

Five core values ​​that underpin all our activities and help ensure the long-term success of our clients and Nesiliň Miras Ýoly:

  1. Commitment to principles;     2.Enthusiasm;     3.Continuous work on yourself;     4.Teamwork;     5.Effective management.
Why customers love us

We are energetic and impatient

We are a successful, prosperous and growing company. Our employees are active, strive to achieve new goals, show initiative, generate great ideas and receive appropriate rewards. Our main goal is the success of our clients and company employees. We work hard to achieve the best results and always strive for the best.

We strive for the highest quality service and maximum efficiency. Leading the team towards the goal, our leaders are prime examples of excellence and always strive to exceed the client’s expectations.

Why customers love us

We are focused on results

We are constantly striving for the best, to achieve the best solution to any problem. We set the bar high and ensure that our activities and business practices create value for the world around us.

We are convinced that great results can only be achieved by working in a team. We share knowledge, tools and resources to achieve good results for the company, our customers and employees. We help each other to achieve success, we welcome both individual and team achievements.

Why customers love us

We are successful

We do ordinary things in an unusual way – this philosophy predetermined our success from the very beginning of our activity.

Our success:
– stable team;
– strategy;
– clear pricing policy;
– collective joint learning;
– motivation;
– culture.

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About Us

We strive to become a universal supplier of professional transport services in Turkmenistan, enter the international market, achieve the best results, apply high-quality logistics solutions, and competently draw up documentation.

Our close-knit team of professionals has extensive experience in the international transport market. Managers and coordinators develop and implement the most optimal transport schemes, think over efficient logistics solutions for the delivery of various goods using road and other types of transport.

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